Access to online training and the networking community of entrepreneurs

Knowledge from business practitioners with access to recommendations from all over Poland!

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What do you gain by participating in Webinars?


Possibility of lecture


During webinars you gain knowledge from business practitioners and experts in many fields. In addition, you can meet other entrepreneurs and exchange recommendations with them.

You can run the webinar yourself! In this way you will present your services and products and reach new customers.

You get access to the recordings of all webinars along with the self-presentation session. That way, you'll be able to go back to the webinar whenever you like.

What do you gain by participating in Webinars?




you complete the membership e-declaration, pay the annual subscription and use immediately!

you get the recommendations you need.

you develop your business, establish long-term business relationships and improve your skills, all thanks to networking!

Why US?

  • We are the only organization in Poland that puts Catholic values, business and networking in one row.
  • We are not MLM! There is no competition at our meetings under the title "Who will invite more guests?" or "Who will issue more recommendations?"
  • We help each other, not compete with each other!
  • Our members are small, medium and large companies from many different industries.
  • Our goal is for Catholics to be the majority on the world's richest people list.
  • We help our members to successfully develop their companies and become Catholic billionaires.
  • We want to change not only your business for the better - we want to change the world for the better!

You can become a member of Business Societies:

No matter what you do

Regardless of the size of the company

Regardless of your experience

What are the benefits?

  • access to a closed Facebook group
  • free webinars
  • free online networking training
  • company search engine exposure
  • the opportunity to participate in networking meetings
  • support of other Business Society Members
  • newsletter with current information and offers
  • preferential conditions for participation in events organized by Business Societies and partners

You will gain access to the networking community of companies from all over Poland and Lithuania.

Join the helping community!




cities across Poland

networking groups

companies from various industries

The opinions of our members speak for themselves!

Get customers, business partners and investors without leaving home!

Choose a webinar for 2 EUR

Who is e-Participation for?

  • You don't have time for regular meetings, but you want to use the knowledge, recommendations and offers of Business Societies.
  • Do you want to expand your business knowledge without leaving your home?
  • You are an introvert and you don't like going to networking meetings.
  • You don't know if a standard subscription will pay you back and you want to try the online option.

How to become an e-member?

1. Complete the e-declaration.

2. Pay the annual subscription in the amount of 750 EUR.

3. Business Society staff will verify your application under the Code of Ethics.

4. After acceptance, you'll get access to the Facebook group and networking training.

5. Your company will appear in the company search engine.

Just fill out the e-declaration and pay the annual subscription.

Fill in the form!

How much does it cost?

750 EUR

Choose a webinar for 2 EUR

Do you have any questions? Write to us!

Michał Osiej


Tel. +48 535 050 590